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A J O L O T E 

Ajolote is part of Fauna Series designed in Colombia, produced in Mexico as result of a collaboration between Colombian Designer Juan Carlos Franco. 


A collection of dolls made in local woods and oil finish. 

Grabbing the main characteristics of the amphibian, Ajolote doll is a decoration timeless piece, as an statement of consciousness and a tribute to these endemic species. The doll concept is inspired mainly by Alexander Girard dolls.


Photography Yohan López  



Piece available

From 170 USD 

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Woods: Tzalam, Ash, Oak, or Black Oak

Year: 2017

Screen Shot 2023-08-30 at 13.18.21.png

In 2018, Ajolote was exhibited and designed as the award for MADE art fair in Sao Paolo, Brazil for the best designers and artist. 

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