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Studio Bermúdez — Fuji — 05.jpg

F U J I 

Fuji represent a balance between two rough materials and the 

delicacy of the incense sticks. 

Inspired mainly by my fascination to volcanoes, mainly in Mount 

fuji, the idea was to create a timeless decorative object for any space, enhacing the ritual of lighting up a traditional incense.

The plate in concave shape is meant to catch the ashes produced by the 

incense and easily to clean. 

Fuji incense holder is made with marble base and natural and 

aged brass. which mainly gives a direction to enhance the small 



Piece available

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Photography Mariana Achach

Studio Bermúdez — Fuji 1500 Pixeles — 01.jpg
Studio Bermúdez — Fuji — 02.jpg
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Studio Bermúdez — Fuji — 05.jpg
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