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F U S I N A 

Shaped from a single lava stone and carved by hand, fusina is a sculptural fire pit that delights with its intriguing organic shape, resting peacefully within any type of space you desire, seeking to enhance the link between the object and the user. Fusina form pays tribute to the fascination of architecture, specially Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa and his unique style described and executed with geometric proportions and functionalist architecture.

​Piece available

Photography by Emilio Torres 


Fusina seeks beyond function for an object of desire and contemplation. The piece works by pouring bioethanol or some derivative that is lit with fire. Thanks to its medium U shape, bioethanol lasts more than 1 hour in use without burning or transferring heat to other parts. Primarily used to create a warmer atmosphere within your home, Fusina shape is a combination between José's intuitive style, described as simple lines with subtle curves, with the architectural brutalism of Scarpa's lines.

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